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Thursday, July 11 – The Boy from Tomorrow

Hello! Today, our second-to-last day of camp, was a blast! We began our day with a sneak peek for tomorrow – Parsnit cards! Our first big activity was a gravity-defying challenge: Could we keep a paper ball in the air for as long as possible? The first group to get the ball volleyed for ten taps was the winner. Turns out, this task was way more difficult than you would think!

Next, we broke into groups and imagined ourselves as characters in The Boy from Tomorrow. We looked at images of different classic toys and imagined how we would use them to communicate with a different time. Some of us sent notes in the bed of a toy truck, and some even spoke through a jack-in-the-box!

Figuring out how we can communicate through toys!

For the rest of our morning, we strolled down to 82nd Street and visited our favorite spot: Barnes & Noble. Valentina gave us the grand tour of the store, and talked to us about the ins and outs of the bookstore world. We learned why most bookstores also carry gifts, games, and puzzles. We also learned about how they choose what goes on those oh-so-fun to browse tables at the front of the store.

After lunch, and a great game of capture the flag, we headed back to Symphony Space to meet today’s author, Camille DeAngelis! Camille came with so many interesting activities and stories to share. First we wrote mysterious and funny notes to leave in library books so that others may discover them. Then, Camille talked to us about her research and inspiration for The Boy from Tomorrow. Camille travels often (she is actually a travel writer as well), so she shared pictures and stories from her travels. She even told us about an interaction she had with a real-life spiritualist!

Camille showing us an inscription she found from the 16th Century!

After answering all of our questions, Camille gave us old postcards and pictures to inspire new writing. She encouraged us to imagine what was happening in the images and to create stories around them. She encouraged us to continue this work using the resources on her website . Finally, we got our books signed, and took some (silly) group photos!

Today was a great day, and we managed to miss all of the rain. Looking forward to an amazing last day!



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