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Thursday, August 1 – Revolution

It’s the Final Countdown! We spent our last Thursday of camp going back in time and learning that really, we are all connected.

We began with heading straight out on our last trip of the week. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we spent an hour with the 18th Century French Interiors exhibit. While there, we each took on a character from the time, and pictured their life and experiences. Then, we imagined what would happen if we closed our eyes and were transported into the rooms we were viewing in their original places, in 18th Century France – what sort of conversation would we have with our characters? What would happen? After sharing our fantastic stories, and exploring the museum a while longer, we went back to camp and headed to the park for lunch.

This afternoon, we were visited by Jennifer Donnelly, author of Revolution. She spoke with us about her inspiration, her writing process, and her passion for history! Jennifer was determined to present Revolution-era France as accurately as she could and immersed herself in the history on research trips – but, as she told us, all that work was for nothing if she couldn’t create engaging characters to fill the world of the novel. She described how protagonists Andi and Alexandrine appeared in her mind, beckoning her closer and letting her tell their intertwined stories. After answering all of our burning questions, Jennifer led us through a captivating writing exercise. We imagined what we would do if we hit our heads and were suddenly alone, in the literal underbelly of Paris: the Catacombs. We shared our writing and spoke about their connections to the novel.

We got our books signed, and bid Jennifer farewell, as a last hurrah to French history, we watched a video that Jennifer shared to us: an Ode to Versailles. Check it out!

Today was captivating and motivating. Looking forward to an amazing last day of camp!



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