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Monday, July 6 – Zatanna and the House of Secrets

It’s the first Monday of July and you know what that means: the Thalia Kids Book Club Camp is back for our thirteenth year! We’ve undergone a digital transformation this summer, becoming the Virtual Thalia Kids Book Club Camp so we can be together even as the time of coronavirus keeps us (safely!) apart. We’re so excited to see where this new venue takes us – and with that in mind, read on to hear how our very first camp day in the virtual space went!

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All About Week 1!

Hello, fellow bookworms! July is just around the corner and the Thalia Kids’ Book Club Camp is back for our lucky thirteenth summer! Camp isn’t immune to the changes that have impacted the world since March; we’ll be holding a Virtual Camp this year to protect the safety of our community, but aside from the shift in venue, so much else remains the same. Camp is still dedicated to connecting great readers to great authors face-to-face (or screen-to-screen!) and we’re thrilled to highlight twenty amazing books and their authors this summer.

Ready to learn more about Week 1? Read on!

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Tuesday, July 30 – Black Wings Beating

After an early-morning game of Mafia, we set off for the Central Park Zoo. Why the zoo? Our book of the day is Black Wings Beating, by Alex London, a fantasy set in a world where everything – commerce, religion, entertainment, language, warfare – centers around birds of prey. We had arranged for a “birds of prey” tour at the zoo. However, it turned out to be a “bird of prey” tour, as they only have one bird of prey, a beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owl. Our tour guides, Elaine and Ira, took us around the rest of the zoo and gave us insider information about other birds, and other animals, which was very interesting. But I think we were all a little disappointed, not to mention HOT!

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