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All About Week 3!

Hello again, fellow bookworms! We just wrapped up our second week of camp, just as amazing as Week 1 – you can see posts breaking down every day of camp if you scroll a little further down. Week 3 kicks off on Monday the 22nd, so here’s a preview of what’s ahead. Read on!

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Wednesday, July 17 – Sanity & Tallulah

Today was yet another fun and exciting day! The campers warmed up with some games, such as “What are you doing?” and “Alien, Tiger, Cow.” Then they moved onto the themed activity for today’s book, Sanity & Tallulah. They worked together to tell their own version of a sequel to the graphic novel. When a new camper added to the story, they began with the words “yes, and” in order to keep the story flowing and evolving.

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Tuesday, July 16th – Nightbooks

We started off today by discussing the book of the day: Nightbooks by J. A. White, a scary story which the campers loved! We discussed our favorite scary stories from the book, considering what, exactly, made the stories we picked so effective. Campers also had fun playing games such as “murder handshake” in the large theater.

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