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Friday, July 31 – The Good Demon

Wait! What? It’s Friday? The LAST day of Book Club Camp? What a whirlwind ride this summer’s edition of camp has been. But, once again, thanks to our amazing campers, our enthusiastic and flexible staff, and our wonderful authors, so generous in sharing their insights and suggestions, Virtual Thalia Kids Book Club Camp was fun, interesting, yummy, exciting, happy, artistic, and bananas (see end of blog for clarification, please!)

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Thursday, July 30 – Butterfly Yellow

Today was our second-to-last day of camp. What an amazing week it’s been thus far! Every day has just been so different from the next, and each day it just gets better and better. Today was no different, as the campers had an abundance of energy to share.

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Wednesday July 29 – Let’s Call It a Doomsday

Today was anything but nerve-wracking! We started our day with our usual poll, and some quick chats about upcoming school plans (*groan*). Our first activity kicked off the fun with two options. First we held our last mini-book-club for The Good Demon, which pumped us up to meet Jimmy Cajoleas on Friday. Then, we tested our skills with a survivalist Kahoot. As it turns out, many of us are quite knowledgeable when it comes to survival!

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Tuesday, July 28 – If You’re Out There

Today was the second day of the Virtual Thalia Kids Book Club Camp Week 4! Although yesterday everyone had the first day jitters, they were gone at 9 this morning. As we waited for campers to arrive, we started off with a poll to determine if our campers have ever been ghosted or ever ghosted anyone online. This poll was a great segue into today’s book If You’re Out There by Katy Loutzenhiser!

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Monday, July 27 – The Field Guide to the North American Teenager

Happy Monday, bookworms! It’s the start of another awesome week of the Virtual Thalia Kids Book Club Camp; in fact, it’s our last Monday of camp this summer. It’s been such an incredible July, and we’re excited to go out on a high note! You really can’t lose with this line-up of books and authors…and with brilliant campers like ours. We kicked off Week 4 with Ben Philippe’s witty debut The Field Guide to the North American Teenager – read all about it right here!

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All About Week 4!

And just like that, July’s almost over. We’ve had such an amazing month Zooming together at Virtual Camp! It’s been a completely different experience, and yet, that special feeling that makes camp…camp stayed with us, thanks to our incredible campers and our fantastic guest authors. We’ve got one last week ahead of us, and five more amazing books to inspire us each and every day. The protagonists of our Week 4 books are grappling with change, as we’ve all been throughout this tumultuous 2020. I found some comfort following their efforts to embrace the uncertainty they face and reinvent themselves as I immersed myself in these books, and I hope our campers did, too. Want to learn more? Read on – and consider reading along with us this week!

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