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All About Week 1!

Hello, my fellow lovers of literature! July has rolled around once again, which can only mean one thing: the Thalia Kids Book Club Camp is BACK! Camp is a hybrid model of in-person and virtual sessions this summer, but no matter the venue, we’re ecstatic to be back with our amazing campers, counselors, and guest authors. Camp starts in less than two weeks, on Monday July 11 – but if you’d like a sneak preview, read on to hear all about Week 1!

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Friday, August 6 – Everything Sad is Untrue

Welcome back, fellow bookworms, for one last time this summer! July flew by in a flash and this first week of August went right along with it. We’ve been Zooming through a whirlwind of amazing guests, discussions, and activities, and we closed out with a truly fantastic Friday. Find your final daily recap of 2021 below!

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Thursday, August 5 – Cleo Porter and the Body Electric

With the week winding down, this Thursday was as exciting as ever! As campers trickled in, a poll was posted themed around dystopian novels and the book Cleo Porter and the Body Electric by today’s guest author Jake Burt. Alongside the poll was information on the author and some brain-teasing puzzles.

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Wednesday, August 4 – Past Perfect Life

Today was the perfect Wednesday! As the campers began to settle in for the day, there was a a fun puzzle and poll asking about secrets, characters from today’s featured book, and which outcome would have been best for the main character. Today’s book, Past Perfect Life by Elizabeth Eulberg is an amazing mystery that will have you questioning who you are, just like its protagonist.

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Tuesday, August 3 – Furia

Today was a super fun day! The campers began the day with the usual folder filled with a link to some information about today’s guest Yamile Saied Méndez, the author of Furia, a puzzle, and some writing, drawing, and reading activities to pass the time until all of the campers had entered the zoom! The campers then moved on to our daily poll which revolved around Yamile’s novel. The result of the poll was discussed before we began the scavenger hunt.

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